Completing first year!

Hello Concord Family,

I hope everyone is doing okay and in good health. I can finally say I finished my first year in College! It has been a tough semester for all of us, especially after the Covid-19. My sister who is a year younger than mine has just also completed her Senior year of high school! I can say that my sister is smarter and much better than me when I was in high school. Proud of her and the accomplishments she achieved. I have made improvements on my grades since fall semester. I am proud and glad to see that I had more potential than I thought.

After completing with finals and school I have been home ever since. I am staying back at home until the Summer. Not a lot has happened since the day I came back from school. During quarantine time I had many zoom meetings with an advisor who helped me prepared for next fall and getting me started on class registration. Also I bought and downloaded this game called “Jackbox” which is a fun game to play with friends and families. It helped entertained myself and my siblings during quarantine times.

After months of being in quarantined, just after a few days an innocent black life was taken by four police officers. His name was George Floyd. Ever since the incident there has been many protests and riots happening the past few days. To put my opinions into this, I am upset and angry when it could have been avoided. I had to watch my City and people suffer. In times like this we should stand together and help each other. With the black lives matter out there I hope that we all can help and stand with them. I am disappointed in the law enforcement field and feel like nothing has changed since then. With things escalating and situations not getting any better, I hope that everyone takes good care and stay safe.

Until next time!

-Keng Thao

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